Handmade in Widecombe

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Nick Rule

Ben Tanner

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Nick bought the old forge in January 2015. Whilst he spends most of his days out shoeing horses he finds spending time in the forge creating metal work of different styles enjoyable and relaxing.

Owning a forge in a tourist location where people can just drop in and look at the work being done, is something Nick had always dreamt of, but never thought he'd end up with a forge in such a stunning location as Widecombe In The Moor.

Nick loves spending time with his three Children, and when he can takes time out to explore the moors.

Ben is Nick's apprentice Farrier, and has been working for Nick since November 2014.

After completing an NVQ in Blacksmithing he decided he wanted to add another string to his bow. He liked the idea of Farriery, and so went through the pain staking process of trying to get an apprenticeship. He was offered a place with another Farrier, but with Nicks future plans for the forge that would include Ben's skills as a Blacksmith, he felt that was where he wanted to be. So now Nick is stuck with Ben for four and a half years!!

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Jeremy Cash

Jeremy is the blacksmith in residence at the Forge In The Moor. He has studied forgework skills at Hereford college with some of the best tutors in the country. Jeremy started work from a small forge in a field in Cornwall, and has been building his forgework and design skills ever since.

Jeremy's passion for inspiring people about the craft of blacksmithing has led him to the Forge In The Moor where the  open forge means people can come in to watch and ask questions.


Richard Vize